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Great resource on moving from vision to action wisely

February 13, 2009

I have done one training and have had several coaching sessions with Patrick O’Niell, a leadership development and OD consultant from Canada. His latest newsletter, Envisioning a Preferred Future, has some great practical tips on visioning and moving into action that mirror in some ways my last post. Here are a few of his tips. Check out the full piece at breakthrough.

Take time to reflect: He includes a list of suggested questions to consider. My favorites: “What has heart and meaning?” “what will I do differently as a result of what I have learned?”

Articulate your vision in 13 words: He suggests as a best practice to distill your vision into 13 words or less. He coins this “learning to build the language bridge from vision to action”

Engage across your organization as you move into action: Patrick outlines key questions to consider as your explore how to implement change. We all know we aren’t going to solve today’s complex problems with business as usual. A key question that is often at the forefront of green issues, is how will we measure the progress we are making?

I enjoyed this piece and wanted to share the resource with you. Happy Friday and Happy Valentines Day.

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