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Taking a stand on your water footprint

June 8, 2009

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Taking a Stand on Your Water Footprint

We often hear sustainability defined by the mantra “people, planet, profit.”

Yet when it comes to water, it seems that the “people” portion of the equation has gotten short thrift. Globally, thousands of children die each day from drinking unsafe drinking water and 890 million people don’t have access to clean water.

In addition to the social justice aspect of the water issue, the other half of the equation is water supply. Yes, we have to deal with peak oil, but don’t forget about peak water.

Wednesday morning at Sustainable Brands 09’ the panel on water included two organizations tackling the water issue from different perspectives: Peter Cleary from LifeStraw and Tim Carey, Director of Sustainability from PepsiCo.

LifeStraw is a small water purification device that purifies 99% of virus and bacteria out of water and can be used affordably in rural areas that lack clean drinking water. The LifeStraw, which comes in Personal and Family models, meets EPA guidelines for microbiological water purifiers.

Not many companies can get away with linking poop and clean water in a marketing message, but Carey’s presentation included a video clip of cow dung being added to water before it is filtered and slurped up by willing volunteers.

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