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After the weekend, reality

September 8, 2009

green_worker_wind_farm_300x231Deborah Fleischer, Green Impact

I’m still in shock about Van Jones resigning and the stories behind what happened.  Marc Gunther on does a good job analyzing the situation.

I ran a post on green jobs training on Triple Pundit over the weekend.

Major barriers to a more rapid adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency in America are insufficient skills and training.

And reported this morning in, “California is making a $75 million down payment on what is being touted as the nation’s largest state-sponsored green jobs training program.

Paid for in part with stimulus funds, the Clean Energy Workforce Training Program aims to prepare 20,000 California adults for a range of green collar jobs, such as green building design, solar panel installation, and sustainable landscape, among other professions.

Great news, but I find it interesting that my research last week on potential funds for green jobs training programs didn’t unearth the Clean Energy Workforce Training Program. Why is it so challenging to track these funds?? The deadline for apply for funds to develop a training program is September 17th.

Have a great week and good luck getting back into the swing of things after the long weekend.

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