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Quick Green Assessment

The Green Wave is Growing—Are You Ready?

Today, the smartest companies are saving money and driving innovation by integrating sustainability into their operations.

Is your company positioned to capture the benefits of going green?

Potential benefits include expanding market share by product differentiation, enhancing brand value by walking the talk, reducing risk by identifying potential issues before they hit and reducing operating expenses by implementing strategies that will save you money and improve environmental performance.

For Companies Just Getting Started

For companies just getting started going green, Green Impact has developed the Quick Green Assessment, a six-week program that will provide you a basic snapshot of where you currently stand, a deeper understanding of the environmental challenges and opportunities for your business and an initial set of recommended strategies that will save you money, encourage innovation and grow market share. Get started now and get your green strategy up and running or take it to the next level.

Results:  The Ultimate Outcomes We Deliver

Quick Green Assessment

Based on a half-day cross-function meeting of key managers, one-day of meetings with employees, internet research, review of best practices and interviews with 12 stakeholders, the Quick Green Assessment covers three key strategic areas and delivers the following:

  • Assessment:  An overview of most pressing environmental issues and a summary of the key business challenges and opportunities they present.
  • Stakeholder Snapshot: Green Impact will identify and interview 12 thought leaders from NGOs, customers, suppliers, investors and impacted communities to identify emerging business risks and opportunities, providing a snapshot of what external stakeholders think about your company and the key issues to have on your radar screen.
  • Quick-ROI Strategies: Do you know which green investments make the most sense for your business? We identify your “low hanging fruit”–quick wins that will drive quick-ROI, deliver green benefits and bolster your brand.  Key areas to focus on initially might include facilities, fleets, IT, packaging and waste.

Structure and Fee

The Quick Green Assessment is a six-week program with the following structure:

  1. ½-day kick-off meeting with cross-functioning internal team, including supplier management/purchasing, communications, PR, sales and marketing and strategic planning.
  2. 1-day of meetings with staff to obtain their input and perspectives.
  3. 2-week assessment phase of external stakeholder interviews.
  4. 2-week strategy phase where final results are summarized in a final report.
  5. Meeting to deliver final results and discussion of next steps.

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