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“I partnered with Deborah on a major research report several years ago and was duly impressed by her many abilities: to interview a diverse set of stakeholders, synthesize the information, conduct in-depth research, and think strategically about sustainability. Deborah is an all-around great asset who can provide value to any organization, company, or project.”

Joel Makower, Independent professional, author, journalist, and speaker

“Green Impact’s researched potential funders for the Blue Planet Run Foundation and identified top targets for fund raising opportunities. The final report was concise, well-targeted and very actionable.”

Lisa Nash, CEO, Blue Planet Run, CEO

“Deborah Fleischer: principled, high-energy, productive, focused, knowledgeable, and collegial. She has worn many hats in all three sectors (public, private, and independent) thus she has a broad perspective that is seldom found in a consultant. Personality, professionalism, experience, and demonstrated results–how can she not rise to the top of your list?”

Michael Fischer, Executive Director, Consultive Group on Biological Diversity

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